We would like to inform you who contact the company that it is necessary to collect, compile and use your personal data for our services in accordance with this privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy"). By contacting and disclosing your personal data to the company for communication, coordination, and/or provision of our services to you, it deems that you agree and accept to be bound by and comply with this Privacy Policy.


Personal data is processed. We may obtain your personal data from various channels as follows:

  1. Directly from you through the company's communications with you;
  2. Indirectly, via a referral from a third party to whom you may grant consent to disclose your personal data to the company; or
  3. Automatically collected via the system when you access the company's website and/or use the services.


The personal data that the company is necessary to collect, compile, use, and process under this Privacy Policy are as follows:

  1. Your full name, including your related information or your representative information (in the case that you are contacting us in the name of a juristic person) may include your identity information document.
  2. Contact information such as telephone number, email, or social media account information.
  3. Other personal data that you may provide to us during the communications, such as information on matters of inquiry, interest information, or any other personally identifiable information you provide to us directly through various communication channels.
  4. In case of communication via the website, may include your technical information such as IP Address, Cookies, including information about your browsing behavior.


Purpose of the Personal Data Processing and Using, we are necessary to collect, compile and use the Job Applicant's personal data for the following purposes:

  1. For the management of communications with which you have communicated with us, such as answering questions, providing relevant information as requested and required, managing complaints, or responding to comments you make directly to us via various communication channels, including continuous coordination, service agreement execution, and/or performance of rights and obligations that you and we may agree on;
  2. For the performance of legal obligations to which we may be subject to certain conditions. This may include, but is not limited to, performing duties associated with the preparation of accounting documents and taxes in connection with any services provided by us to you;
  3. to build and improve business relationships, including enhancing the service that we provide for your benefit, we may collect and/or use your personal data for the purpose of control, assurance of service, management analysis, and resolution of business-related issues, including, but not limited to, employee training and future service improvement planning;
  4. to protect and defend our legal rights if you and we have disputed; and
  5. Subject to explicit consent granted to us, such as marketing and newsletter communications, we may process the Personal Data for the purposes as defined in the consent.


Retention Period of Personal Data, to perform in accordance with the purposes described above, we necessary to collect, compile and process your personal data according to the following period:

  1. For personal data processing for the purpose of providing services, an agreement execution, and/or the performance of rights and duties under the agreement, we are necessary to process your personal data as long as the company has a duty to provide services to you;
  2. For personal data processing for the purpose of performing the duties according to applicable laws, we are necessary to process your personal data for a period of time specified by applicable laws;
  3. For personal data processing for the purpose of building and improving business relationships and/or improving the service, we reserve the right to retain that personal data to the extent that we may have the business necessity. We represent and warrant that the retention of the personal data will not unreasonably affect the rights of the data subject;
  4. For personal data processing for the sake of protection and fighting for legitimate rights to us, We have a necessity to keep such personal data according to the prescription defined by applicable laws; and
  5. In case you give consent to the company to process your personal data for specific purposes, we will process your personal data until you withdraw such consent.


Disclosure of the personal data, generally, your personal data will not be disclosed, except for the circumstance that we would need to disclose it to the following person:

  1. External service providers of we engage for providing support services to us in providing services to you, including our consultants. Such disclosure of the personal data to these third parties shall be done in accordance with the purposes and only on a need-to-know basis; or
  2. Government, regulatory authorities, or courts that we may be subject to an order, law, or judgment to disclose the personal data.


We undertake to implement appropriate personal data security measures to prevent any unauthorized and unlawful access, modification, amendment, or disclosure. We commit to reviewing these measures on a regular basis to ensure their compatibility with the standards and with applicable laws.


Data subject rights, we respect your rights as the data subject under applicable laws. You can contact us to exercise the rights, which are (1) the right to withdraw consent, (2) the right to access, (3) the right to request a copy of the personal data, (4) the right to correct the personal data, (5) the right to object to any processing of the personal data, (6) the right to request for data portability in the event that we store the personal data in the format which is readable or commonly used by automated tools or equipment including the right to transfer such personal data to other data controllers, (7) the right to request for the deletion or de-identification of the personal data upon there is no necessity to process, (8) the right to request for suspension of the use of the personal data, and (9) the right to file a complaint.


Company contact information

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