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Terms and Conditions

We reserve rights to alter or change these Terms at any time at our sole discretion. We will notify you ofthese changes by updating the revised Terms on our website. Any and all alterations or modifications to the
Terms will be effective immediately upon being announced on the website or released to you.As such, your continued use of our services such action would be considered an acceptance of the amended


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Guidelines for Usage of our Services

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  • All the activities that you carry out during the use of our portal will comply with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, as well as our various guidelines,
  • Will not violate public interests, public ethics, or other's legitimate interests,
  • Will not conduct activities related to anti-money laundering and counter-financial terrorism and
  • Will not constitute evasion of payable taxes or government fees and will not violate these Terms or other relevant rules or policies issued thereunder.

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  • closing order requests without refund;
  • blocking and freezing your account;
  • reporting any incidents to authorities;
  • publishing the alleged violations and actions that have been taken; or
  • deleting any information, you published that is in violation.

Should your alleged violation cause any losses to a third party, you shall solely undertake all the legal liabilities in your name and hold us harmless from any loss, fine, or extra expenses. Should we incur any losses due to any alleged violation, are claimed by any third party for compensation, or suffer any punishment imposed by any administrative authorities. In that case, you shall indemnify the firm against any losses and expenses caused thereby, including reasonable professional, attorney, counsel, and court fees.

Prohibition of Use

By accessing and using our website and any of our services, you agree and acknowledge that you are not on any applicable financial, trade, or economic sanctions lists, such as the United Nations Security Council Sanctions List and its equivalent. We reserve the right to select its markets and jurisdictions to operate and restrict or deny its services to certain countries. These Terms shall not be excluded from the applicable lawsof your residence to which you have belonged. We reserve the right to bar prohibited accounts from using or accessing our website and any of its services.

Description of Services

We provide reliable, and semi-non-face-to-face registration and corporate service in Thailand and the certain jurisdictions set out herein. Information on our website could be changed without notice and is provided for the primary purpose of facilitating the client to arrive at its own decisions. We do not offer professional or advisory services and will have no liability for using or interpreting information stated on its website or other communication mediums. We encourage you to engage competent professional assistance and exercise prudence and responsibility within their means.

Nature of Services

You understand that we shall use the commercial effort to complete your subscribed services. However, the completion of services herein shall be subjected to your qualifications, provided documents, and the authorities' discretion from time to time according to its nature. The services you have subscribed to herein would be based on our effort, not a completion. Should we commencement by putting our effort into any subscription, you acknowledge that our services have been appropriately provided to you according to the industry standard, and withholding relevant information could jeopardize the outcome to the rendered services herein or any directive from the relevant regulators.

You further understand that each subscription has the required qualifications. You shall ensure that you are qualified according to the established qualifications, which may be subject to alteration from time to time. We are not in the position to provide any refund should you are not eligible according to established qualifications imposed by the authority from time to time.

Our Liabilities

You agree and acknowledge that our total liabilities arising from your subscription hereunder shall not exceed 10% (Ten percent) of the total subscription fee in each transaction, regardless of the number of claims and
allegations you have made.

Disputes Resolutions

Before submitting any complaints to relevant authorities, including any government bodies, competent committees, semi-judicial bodies, and judicial bodies, you are obliged to address your complaints and supporting documents to support@wsolicitors.co. We will respond to your complaints within 60-days upon receipt, provided that we reserve the right to request any additional documents related to your complaint. We may ask you to visit our office for identity verification from time to time. These Terms, including the services hereunder, shall be governed by the laws of Thailand. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms would be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Thai Courts of Justice.

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